VTEM skitter

Vehicle rental with driver

Available 24h / 24 and 7/7 by appointment
VTEM skitter

Transport of individuals and professionals

Transports up to 4 people with luggage
VTEM skitter

Transport to the airport

Support for boarding or to greet you on arrival
VTEM skitter

Transport Professional

Transport professionals with USB, WIFI internet, etc ...
VTEM skitter

Transport to train station

Support for departure or arrival at the train station
VTEM skitter

Tourism and guided tours

Golf tours with stop, guided tours and support
VTEM skitter

Transport and services for hotels

Transport and services in line with the hotel
VTEM skitter

Transport and services for restaurants

Transport and provision during your time at the restaurant
VTEM skitter

Transport for festive evening

Secure and discreet transportation for festive evenings

Why Choose Us ?


CLASS SERVICES is available 24h / 24 and 7/7 for Toulouse-Luchon transfers, Tarbes-Toulouse, Toulouse-Spain to home station, airport, tourism, business, etc ...
- Professional and experienced driver for personalized care of the customer.
- Recent Vehicle, comfortable and suitable for 4 persons.
- Tailor-made services in relation to your need.


Support your business to all destinations. Spacious squares. Internet WIFI. Car speakers to listen to your MP3 documents.


Supports the place for you (home, workplace, restaurant, hotel, etc ...) and destination of your choice (station, airport, Spain, home, etc ...).


In addition to transportation, we answer all your inquiries to assist you, help you support, if needed. Tell us your need and we will offer you a full service quality.


Comfortable ride, sitting on leather seats in an air-conditioned environment. Musical atmosphere of your choice or from your USB drive, etc ...



Reception at the airport, train station or in the lobby of a hotel. Help to support your luggage. Bike carrier, child seat, etc ... available upon request in advance.



Local transport, national, national or international, we are preparing the route to your preference criteria and we respond to all your needs.



Half-day package, day or week, we offer a bespoke pricing, corresponding to your needs and additional services.


our services

  • Experienced driver

    Your driver is experienced and aware of safety rules. It is first aid certificate holder.

    Study of your travel needs

    We study your needs (long distance, international transport, providing several days, commuting employees, school ....) - Reception and transfer to...
  • Toulouse Barcelone

    We handle your route Toulouse Barcelona for your comfort. Without constraint, Class'Services offers a customized path and a single price, agreed in...

    Wide range of packages

    For greater transparency, we have developed a wide range of packages. These packages include transportation (up to 4). Your care and a number of...


  • Transporting children to school

    You are temporarily unable to take your children to school, for professional reasons or other? Class'Services is responsible for transporting your children to school with their school affairs. We can offer you additional services accompanying children to school to put them under the authority of the institution, etc ... Our service is offered on the town of Luchon and éttent 50 Kms around LUCHON: (see map in the full article)


It is our customers who speak more than us. Their satisfaction to have obtained a quality service, the joy of having had a good time, the pleasure of sharing a single event.
With Class Services, you will not lose 1H, looking for a parking spot for 15 minutes of appointment ..

David Petitom
I took the habit of calling Class Services at festive evenings with friends.
Do not drink and drive !.

Béatrice Portenol
I take trips with Class Services to prepare for my appointments and continue working. Otherwise, I do not have time !.

Laurent Frémont