lourdes tarbes luchon toulouse barceloneWe handle your route Toulouse Barcelona for your comfort.

Without constraint, Class'Services offers a customized path and a single price, agreed in advance for the trip Toulouse Barcelona.

For the day or just the time to go and return, we expect you to Barcelona and can arrange your meal to suit your tastes.

Indulge, adminrer the landscape and let us take care of the rest, as the route Toulouse Barcelona, booking a restaurant, hotel booking, organizing sightseeing, the organization of shopping, or assist in the establishment of any other activities.

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Car driver EXPERIENCED ToulouseBecause you do not always move for the same reasons, we offer a wide range of services.

Here are the different types of services we offer you:

short trips

long trips


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etude-deplacement-forfait-sur-mesure-toulouse-tarbes-espagneWe study your needs (long distance, international transport, providing several days, commuting employees, school ....)

- Reception and transfer to airports, stations, hotels.

- Home V.I.P. at airports, train stations, hotels.

- Transfer by private car / Discretion.

- Professional events: Parties, shows, conferences, etc .....

- Private events: Baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, bachelor girl SAM evenings, visits hospitals, nursing homes, parties Valentine elderly people without permits, etc ........

voiture-chauffeur-experimente-toulouseYour driver is experienced and aware of safety rules. It is first aid certificate holder.

forfait-gare-aeroport-taxiFor greater transparency, we have developed a wide range of packages. These packages include transportation (up to 4). Your care and a number of luggage. No meals supplied.

choix-formules-week-end-toulouse-pyrenees-soireeThe new formulas weekend to discover.

All inclusive formulas for your well being.

Upon the arrival of your station or airport, CLASS'SERVICES organizes and takes care of everything!

- Formula: ROMANCE (restaurants, tours)

- Formula: HEAD TOQUE (+ restaurants to choose circuits)

- Formula: Diner SHOW (restaurants + casino)

- Formula: ARTISAN LOCAL PRODUCTS (visits + circuits)

- Formula: MOUNTAIN (circuit choices)

- Formula: HOBBIES AND GAMES (fun parks, picnic on site)

- Formula: HERITAGE (visits to historic monuments valleys)

Mix and adjust your formulas to suit your tastes! Remember to book in advance on www.class-services.com, immediate response!

taxi-toulouse-lieu-de-votre-choixYour driver will pick you up at the place of your choice (home, office, airport, train station, hotel, restaurant ....).

chauffeur-tourisme-pyrenees-tarbes-espagneYour driver is at your disposal to offer you a wide selection of tours.

- Excursions, GR, etc ....
- LOURDES visits, monuments, etc ........
- Parks
- Wineries
- Tourist sites
- Casino
- Cinema
- Thermal transportation Cure